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Why are my cuticles so dry???

dry-cuticlesDry cuticles = dehydrated cuticles!!

Dry cuticles are caused by lack of moisture in the cuticle and surrounding skin causing hang nails, cracked or torn cuticles, and plain old dry skin.

While hand lotion is a great topical solution, it acts more as a glove of protection to shield your hands and nails from the elements.  I like to think of it as the outer layer of protection.

Cuticle or nail oil is the fastest carrier to condition your cuticles quick!! Oil carries faster than lotion, penetrating deep into the skin and healing dryness from the inside out.  Oils that have jojoba oil, like OPI Avoplex and Creative Nail Solar Oil, carries and delivers moisture even faster, b/c jojoba oil is a great carrier oil!!

So the next time your cuticles are crying for some TLC, reach for the cuticle oil before the lotion and you’ll see a world of difference!!

Blog by: Rachel Gribbin

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