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Summer Hair Hazards


The summer is here and that means chilling outside, going to the beach, gardening, and lots of fading and damaging to your hair. So how can you make that color stay since you paid so much for it? How do you keep your hair from feeling dry and frizzy at the beach/pool? Why does my hair turn green when I go swimming? These are all valid questions and we can tell you why these things happen and offer some quick and easy solutions.


How do I keep my hair from fading in the summer?

And the answer is…. You need sunscreen for your hair. That’s right! Everyone recommends suncreen for you skin, but don’t forget that your hair and scalp need protecting as well. There are shampoos and conditioners that are specially made for anti-fade and you can use them ALL summer. Look at the ingredients and see if they have UVA & UVB Filters in them (we recommend REDKEN Color Extend Sun & Color Extend). Use treatments while you are out at the beach/pool. REDKEN makes a spray in sheild (Color Extend Sun Sparkling Sheild) that will block out not only UV rays but chlorine and minerals as well. BONUS!!  Whenever you are going out in the sun for a Bar-b-que, picninc, or the beach/pool use a leave-in spray that has UV filters. There are so many times you are out in the sun and you don’t even realize that you are fading your hair. So be more aware of the times you are hanging out in the sun (that afternoon jog), and use products that will help to prevent fading as it will save you from getting your touch up sooner than you wanted to.

Why does my hair feel dry/frizzy at the beach?

Aaah beach hair. Some people love it, some people hate it, either way it is unavoidable. The salty air, sun, minerals, and chemicals that go along with visiting the beach all contribute to that dry, frizzy mess. The minerals such as salt, and chemicals such as chlorine can penitrate into your hair and cause build up, which makes your hair feel like straw. To prevent this use a cleansing shampoo everyday after you have been exposed to these minerals. The shampoo will remove the minerals and leave your hair feeling soft and smooth. You can also use sheilding sprays while on the beach to prevent the minerals from penetrating into your hair. Don’t forget to follow up with a moisturizing treatment to leave your hair soft and smooth during your entire vacation.

Why is my hair green after being in the pool?

Pools as many people know have chlorine in them to help keep them clean and sanitary. What you may not know is that the pool may also have copper in it. When the chlorine mixes with the copper it creates a green tinge, and wouldn’t you know, it loves to attach to your hair! To help prevent the chlorine/copper from getting into you hair you should always wet your hair with tap water before entering the pool water. The reason for this is that your hair will soak up water when you get into the pool. But if your hair is already completely saturated with water, then less pool water will be able to get into your hair. If your hair is already full, it cannot possibly soak up more water until it dry’s some. To be extra safe you can also use a sheild spray after you have wet your hair but before you get into the water. These sprays are made to place a barrier between the minerals in the pool and your hair. If your hair is green already from the pool water the best way to remove it is to shampoo with a mineral removing shampoo (we use REDKEN Hair Cleansing Creme) and let it sit for five minutes before rinsing. If you have extensive build up and it will not come out see your salon and have them help you. Salons have professional treatments that will help to remove all of the build up.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy your summer in the sun! Take that dip in the pool! Look great during your entire vacations! Have a great summer! Visit to learn more information about Redken Color Extend SUN and all the other great products for your hair.

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