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My Favorites for Fall

The change of seasons is rapidly approaching and as the leaves change so do our wardrobes. While the classics and basics never change, it’s always fun to spice up our looks with a few fashion forward new items. I’ve put together a brief summery of some of my favorite fall ’09 trends to help you get started…


Take advantage of the remaining days of warm weather by experimenting with tops that feature a ‘one-shoulder’ design. The result is a slightly edgy look that shows just the right amount of skin. The single bare shoulder is also the perfect balance for a great, statement making pair of earrings.

You can test drive the look with this casual ruffled cotton top from Old Navy (psst… hurry, its on sale!).

If you’re looking for something bolder or more polished, check out this silk number by Diane Von Furstenburg at Nordstrom.


picture-2-for-kristyns-blogWhen you feel the cool breeze of autumn reach for a menswear inspired blazer to keep the chill away and stay looking chic. On a recent trip to Target, I spotted two stylish and affordable options that are perfectly suited for varying body types.

The first was a classic look with a modern twist. The blazer had a straight, lean cut which is great for a taller girl or a leaner body type. The sleeves had a detailed, striped lining that was exposed when the wearer rolls them up.

The seconded blazer featured a more feminine cut with a tie belt at the waist. This is a great option for a curvier lady. The accentuated waist line allows a girl with more bust or hips to get in on the menswear trend without looking frumpy or shapeless.

Fur Details

picture-3-for-kristyns-blogWhen the temperatures begin to drop you can indulge in one of my favorite fall trends… Fur! This luxurious look is popping up in both embellishments and larger pieces such as vests and cropped jackets.

I encourage the bolder ladies of the world to slip on a fun faux vest like this one from A Common Thread.

While the vest may be too much for some, there are many fun fall trends that can be used to update your most classic, reliable pieces and put you in the right mood for a brisk autumn night!

Blog By: Kristyn Wink

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