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Oh no! Winter Hair!

hairpicsmilyYes, it is that time of year again. The heat comes on, the humidity drops and we feel the affects in every aspect of our lives and especially in our hair, nails and skin. For those of us with fine hair, somewhere between late December and January, we start with the static fly-away. The brush that usually smoothes and detangles our tresses becomes the menace for static. To relieve this problem, try Redken’s Clear Moisture Shampoo and conditioner and Instant polishing Prep leave-in conditioner. The Clear Moisture line will add just the right amount of moisture without the weight. And before styling your hair, add a little Outshine for frizz and static control while blow drying.

For those that have medium to coarse hair, a weekly treatment of Redken’s All Soft Line. The Shampoo and Conditioner provide intense softness, movement and shine. The Heavy Crème treatment provides rich, deep conditioning for intense softness and frizz control on extremely dry, brittle hair. And Velvet Whip instantly restores softness, improves texture and helps provide heat protection for a shiny, luxurious finish. Finish off with a little Gold Glimmer which provides intense shine with lasting softness and frizz control.

If you love your curls but find that winter takes the bounce out of the style, try Fresh Curls Shampoo and Conditioner which provides moisture and definition for all types of curls. All curls are not created equal and in winter curl can become lazy, fragile and lack definition. Fresh Curls addresses the specific needs of different types of curly hair with new technologies and products specifically formulated for each type of curl. Winter curls can most benefit from Fresh Curls Curl Refiner. It tames, detangles and helps control frizz for lasting memory, manageability and shine. And for styling use Fresh curls Spring Mousse as it strengthens boosts and re-energizes limp, lazy curls when the moisture in the air is dry during the winter months.

Winter can be rough on our looks but Redken has just the right line for your specific needs. Ask your hair care professional which product is right for you.

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