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What can I do to make my nail polish last longer?

img_3331_1Guests ask me every day the age old question, “What can I do to make my polish last longer?”  Well, the answer is prepare and protect.

Nail polish break down occurs 2 ways. First, it is caused by natural and artificial oils in the nail still being present when the polish and base coat is applied.  Second, nail polish can chip and peel by the top coat wearing down over a period of time.

So, preparing the nail prior to polishing is the key step 1.  If you are at a salon, make sure they use a nail primer such as OPI Bond Aid to remove all oils from the nail before they apply the base coat.  For your at home manicure, you can use polish remover or alcohol on a paper towel to wipe the nail down. (don’t use cotton, it leaves fuzzy residue.)

After you prep the nail, be sure to use a base coat and 2 coats of color followed by a top coat.  The top coat be can a fast dry or regular but always use a top coat.  Step 2 is protection. A top coat typically last 2-3 days of average wear.  So, reapply after 3 days a quick top coat and your color will last for days longer!!

Prepare + protect = perfect polish

Blog by: Rachel Gribbin

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