YOU Salon

Cleanliness, it’s part of how we are different!

When you walk into YOU IMG_2136salon, the first thing you will notice is that everything is clean. We clean all day, every day, as a team to keep YOU salon looking consistently beautiful! But, there are some things that we do to keep things clean and sterile that you may not even notice is happening.

Combs: Combs are sterilized and cleaned after each and every guest as required by the Maryland State Board.

Brushes: Brushes are no different than combs. Who wants to have someone else’s hair on their brush because your stylist didn’t clean it? YUCK! We don’t either! So after your stylist is done with your brushes someone on the team takes them to the back where all hair is removed. Then they are cleaned, sterilized and dried before they are ready for the next guest. (The same is true of all our application brushes, bottles, and mixing bowls.)

Towels, Capes & Smocks: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER will a YOU salon team member use a towel, cape, or smock on more than one guest. All towels, capes, and smocks are washed and dried after each use.

Bathrooms: You will never see our bathrooms looking or smelling bad. We clean bathrooms daily or more often if needed. Plus we have yummy smelling air freshener too! If the bathroom requires attention never hesitate to tell a YOU salon team member.

Hair & Stations: As a hair salon, hair on the floor is a constant battle we fight throughout the day. Every member of our team is committed to making sure stations are kept clean, free of hair, and products are removed between guests. We always want you to feel like you are the first guest of the day! We also keep a vigilant eye on stray hair, candy wrappers and other trash that tends to make it’s way onto the floor throughout the day. Sweeping it up as soon as it is noticed by any team member walking by!

Now you have piece of mind knowing that YOU salon is not only visually clean on the surface, but everything about how we work is CLEAN!


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