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5 Things your Stylist does for a Perfect Finish

Here is how it goes. You visit the salon. You get a great style that is finished smooth and shiny, healthy and vibrant. Then you go home and wash your hair only to find that you have dried your amazing new style into a dry, frizzy mess. Here are a few tricks that your stylist uses all the time to have a perfect finish.

portrait of a  woman with long red hairs and  fashion makeupA clean pallet is a perfect pallet. At YOU salon we always do two shampoos on your hair. Have you ever stopped to wonder why? It’s not because we are clean freaks, or that your hair is exceptionally dirty. There is a concrete reason behind it. The first shampoo removes any product, oils, and dirt that is currently clinging to your hair. Usually this first shampoo lathers less than the second one because it is working to break down all of those particles. The second shampoo is then able to fully cleanse your scalp and leaving it free of excess oils, dirt and product that may have remained after the first shampoo. You may notice as a result that your hair appears to stay cleaner a little longer after your salon visit than when you shampoo at home.

Glamour woman with long redYour hair needs help to rebuild with a treatment.Your in-salon treatment will help to revitalize your hair to its former glory. Whether it is to lock in color, moisture or protein, whatever your hair needs it will get. The result is beautiful, healthy, shiny hair. Redken treatments lock into the hair and continue to protect your hair long after your visit, but if you follow up with an at home treatment you can maintain your healthy look all the time between salon visits!

Hairstyling.Hairdressing.Hair Straightening Irons.Straight HairHotter is not always better. You may notice that when you stylist is blow drying your hair you sometimes feel air that is cooler. Our professional hair dryers come equipped with a cool button. It works very similar to the roller sets of the old days. Use the brush to heat the hair then use the cool button to cool it down and set the hair in that place. When combined with professional brushes and expert technique it creates a smooth, shiny, and healthy look.

Professional brushes go a long way. A well made brush will help you get better grip and dry your hair better. Some are made in oblong shapes, some have boar bristles, some have plastic tips, and some have metal cores. Each brush serves a different purpose and is best for a certain hair type. It is important to let your stylist prescribe the correct brush for your hair type and style you are aiming to achieve. The wrong brush can cause damage to your hair.  So ask your stylist for your specific brush prescription.

Hair Style

Apply product where you want the result. If you need volume on the top, then apply your volume product to the top. If you need smoothing on the ends, then apply your smoothing cream to the ends. Don’t forget that each strand of hair has a scalp portion, a mid-section and an end. Sometimes a root lift product is applied to the scalp portion a smoothing product to the mid-section and a shine product to the ends. They will only work where ever they are applied. It seems so simple but it was invaluable information for me when I learned it! Where ever you are looking to get the result that is where you want to place your product.

Don’t forget you can always come in to the salon to get your hair blown out into a fabulous style and have a styling lesson with it. All blow drys are only $40. Get your hair care prescription and a styling lesson and you too can have the perfect finish!

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