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runAre you spending your summer not only by the pool but also working out in the beautiful summer weather?? Don’t forget to take care of your hair before, during and after your workout. The following are a few things you should be aware of to take care of your hair during your workout.

1. We know you are using sunscreen on your skin before you take that morning or afternoon run (right?!?) but don’t forget that your hair and scalp get just as much sun as your body. Use a spray for your hair that has an SPF in it. Spray it in your hair before you pull it back. Not only will it protect your hair from fading, but it will also protect your scalp from sunburn.

2. Dry before up. Before you pull your hair back in an exceedingly tight pony tail rough dry it with the blowdryer. Try to remove as much moisture as you can. When your hair is wet and you pull it back tightly you are stretching the cuticle of your hair which may lead to damage and breaking. So take a little extra time to dry it a little, besides you can spray your hair sunscreen in it wet and dry it into your hair.

3. Use a pony tail holder that is continuous all the way around. The pony tail holders with metal clamps on them can snag in your hair when you remove them causing damage over time. So buy the ones without the metal.

4. When you get back from your workout use a cleansing shampoo that removes minerals such as salt. When you sweat you release salt into your hair and a cleansing shampoo will make your hair feel fresher and cleaner. Not to mention if swimming is your workout of choice a cleansing shampoo will also help remove chlorine from your hair!

So enjoy the hot summer weather and workout knowing your hair will look great before, during and after your workout!

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