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Seize The Sale!!!

saleAs the hot summer days begin to dwindle and the economy remains lackluster, many of us will turn our focus toward the mall, dreaming of one big bold word….SALE!

Everywhere we look stores are trying to move merchandise which means prices will be slashed in ways that are sure to excite any shopaholic.

In an attempt to keep my readers out of financial ruin, I have put together some road tested, consumer-approved tips for navigating the clearance racks and getting the most for your money…

One of the most frightening effects of a down economy is the large number of businesses that are permanently closing their doors. While no one enjoys the misfortune of others, there are silver linings to be found by shoppers hoping to find a bargain. In the rush to get the best of a diminishing inventory it can be easy for a consumer to make a poor choice or even be taken advantage of. warns “Not only will the selection be limited, but remaining items will most likely be of lesser quality” and occasionally liquidators will mark up the original prices of an item before marking it down because “50% off looks a lot more attractive than 20% off.” When taking advantage of these sales remember the old adage, Buyer Beware!

Planning a weekend in NYC anytime soon? Dreaming of scoring a luxurious designer item at a steep discount? You should be battling it out with all the other stylish ladies at a sample sale. Websites like are spilling the secrets of these once exclusive events. The website’s creator Kathryn Finney says “There are definitely better deals on more luxury pieces and better selection. It used to be at sample sales that unless you went first day, all that was left was the stuff you didn’t want”. She goes on to say that “I think toward the end of the year, we won’t see that many crazy, wacky sales – not at the level we’re seeing now”. In other words, get in on the sample sale revolution before it’s too late!

As summer draws to a close, retailers are hoping you will spend your holiday weekend on a shopping spree. Big name stores will be trying to lure you in with savings on everything from apparel and shoes to linens and furniture. I have personally found these sales to be amazing but only if you have specific purchases in mind and those specific items are included in the sale. As with all sales, try not to be seduced by big savings because a deal is only a deal if the item is one that you love and will use/wear frequently.

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