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How to have beautiful hair in today’s economy

image2finallowresIn today’s economy there is a lot of cutting back and sacrificing in order to stay ahead. Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful but how do you do that in today’s economy. First you should figure out how much you can afford to spend on your beauty in a month. This is what is called your beauty budget. Once you know your beauty budget then your stylist should be able to work out a plan that works with your beauty budget. There are many solutions if you find that your current style is outside of your beauty budget. Options that have been working well are as follows: extending services a few weeks further, trying a lower priced designer, splitting your services with lower priced designers, changing our guests look so there is less upkeep, alternating every other appointment between highlights and single process color, or using the Hair Color Extender in order to stretch a few more weeks between color appointments.

Sometimes the best solution to fit your beauty regimen within your beauty budget is to switch to a lower priced designer. Some salons are now offering level pricing. Each level has different pricing so you can choose someone within your beauty budget. Usually stylists with lower prices are still growing their client base and are at bargain prices. Before choosing a salon do your research and try to find a salon that has a solid training program. Well trained teams will be able to offer you better services at their lower price points. Do not expect your lower level stylists to be as perfect as a master but you should be able to expect them to do an amazing job. Ask about mentorship and whether there is a master stylist on staff to assist if help is needed.

Another option would be to have your current stylist do half of your service and see if there is a lower priced designer that would do the other half. If you salon offers level pricing ask them about their policy on splitting services. They should be open to splitting services if they think you may need to leave in order to afford your services. As long as your salon has level pricing this option has the potential to save you a lot of money and still look fabulous!

If your salon is not open to splitting your service or they just don’t have level pricing then you can just change your look. Changing your look to a color and style that requires less upkeep will make it possible to come in less often and therefore saving you money. Keep in mind that this will require you to change your color to be close to your natural color; this is not an option unless you are willing to do so. Speak with your designer and see what new look you could try that will fit into your beauty budget.

So you get highlights and you don’t want to change your look. You can find out if it is possible to get your highlights done every other visit and just touch up your new growth in between. This works well because you can receive their dimensional color service during one visit, and then four to six weeks later receive the single process color service and so on. This means your dimensional service now has eight to twelve weeks between, your hair still looks amazing, and you save money!

Tell your salon about Hair Color Extender’s or HCE. You can read about HCE on the website HCE is a way for you to touch up your new growth color from home. It only hold about a half and ounce of color; just enough for your hair line and part line. What is unique is that your stylist uses your actual color so it will match perfectly. You can read more about HCE at Their website contains an instructional video displaying a step-by-step application process. Select color services can use this product to extend the length of time between their in salon color applications. Ask your designer if HCE is right for you. HCE will allow you to extend your time between color visits up to 4 weeks. The HCE is only available for professional salons to purchase and retail to you; so let your salon know you want HCE!

So if you are having trouble fitting your hair appointment into your current beauty budget please speak with your designer to work out a plan of action to make your service fit into your beauty budget. You should not have to sacrifice your beauty or your hair to live in today’s world.

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