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The value of a great tool!

I was recently checking out my friends’ posts on Facebook when I came across a video of a poor young girl doing a hair curling tutorial gone wrong.

She was demonstrating how to curl and strand of her hair next thing you know she burned off the entire piece of hair! So I thought it may be helpful for you to know how to prevent that from happening to your lovely locks.

The first step is knowing the current condition of your hair. Have you had a perm, color treated, or used any other chemicals on your hair recently? Have you been swimming in the pool or do you have hard water at home? Any of these things CAN compromise the integrity of your hair, especially if you are not using the proper conditioning treatments after your chemical process to restrengthen the bonds in your hair. I recommend talking to your hair care professional to find out if your hair is in the proper condition for straightening and curling with an iron.

7562646The second step is using a heat protecting spray during the straightening/curling process. Using a product such as REDKEN’s new Iron Shape on each strand before you straighten/curl will help protect your hair from heat damage and help the end result last longer against heat and humidity. There are many other heat protecting products and the one you use really depends on your hair type and what end result you are looking to achieve. Ask your YOU salon designer for their professional, personalized recommendation.

The third and final step is purchasing a high quality tool and learning how to properly use it for sleekr_color-treated_580x250your hair type and condition. We at YOU salon use Sam Villa Sleekr flat irons and they are available for sale to you! Our favorite thing about Sam Villa flat irons is they have built in heat settings specifically for fine, color treated or non-color treated/highly resistant hair. The color treated hair setting will not allow the flat iron to get too hot. If a flat iron is too hot on color treated hair it can cause unnecessary damage and breakage. This flat iron makes it very easy to simply place it on the color treated setting and call it a day! We are currently using hot tools curling irons and we love them as well. Although, the Hot Tools curling irons do not have the auto setting for color treated hair your YOU salon designer will recommend a heat setting that is safest for your hair’s condition.

Ask your YOU salon designer to work with your on your styling needs. They will help in all aspects from product recommendations to techniques so that you can recreate your look at home with ease.

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