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SHOES GLORIOUS SHOES. We women love our shoes. Most of us just can’t resist shoes     buying a beautiful pair of shoes. I remember when I was in high school in the mid 1970’s the fashion was platform shoes. Girls broke their ankles when they lost their balance and feel off their shoes! Didn’t matter to me, I still wanted a pair, badly. I got my first pair when I married in 1976. They looked great! I thought I looked “cool” but I have to admit they were not very comfortable because you had to be cautious when walking. But hey, at that time in my life it was all about the “fashion”.

shoes2Here’s a little history about the platform shoe. In the early 1930s Moshe (Morris) Kimmel designed the first modern version of the platform shoe for actress Marlene Dietrich. The trend resurfaced about 1967 and continued at a peak in the 1970’s and was still around well into the 1980’s. In the UK fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood, re-introduced the high heeled platform shoe into high-fashion in the early 1990s. But they didn’t catch on quickly. (I think it could be because super model Naomi Campbell fell on the catwalk at a fashion show wearing a 9 inch platform heel). Thank goodness she didn’t break her ankle!

shoes3The platform shoe started it’s comeback in the UK in the late 1990’s, in part, to the UK band the Spice Girls, whose members performed in  large shoes. But at that time the US was more concerned with women’s feet appearing as small as possible and the trend went more towards the long pointed shoes of the early 2000s which gave an elongated look to the foot.

But as history has shown fashion always comes back around, with a different twist and as we head into the mid teens of the new century the platform shoe is again becoming a fashion statement. They are still very high, with a high, high-heel and still uncomfortable. But if you are all about the fashion, then take a look at these latest platform shoe trends! Be cool! –Robin Gribbin


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