YOU Salon

Meet our NEW OWNER!

A letter from Robin introducing our NEW OWNER…

Happy September!

In 2003, I opened YOU salon with a vision and a dream to create a great place for clients to come and have the best customer service, the best quality trained service providers and the best haircut and color in the area. Over the years YOU salon has received numerous awards to affirm this, but what shows it the most is YOU who come in and tell us how we make your life better because we make you look and feel great every visit!

The name YOU came about when I asked myself what would a company I opened be about? The answer was simple, it was not about me. It has always been about YOU. You, the customer, who we always dedicate our time and energy to. You who we deliver a quality service, every time. And also, for me, as a salon owner and leader, it has always been about my team of salon professionals I worked side by side with. Whether customer or co-worker my mission has always been to make everyone’s day, everyday. I have dedicated my last 11 years to try to live up to that.

But as we all know change is the one constant in life and in the fall of 2013, I passed the care and leadership of the company to a team of people who have been with the company for many years. And if you didn’t realize it, that’s good thing because this team was an integral part of building YOU salon to what it is today. I have always called them “the keepers of the culture”.

One of these dedicated people has always been a natural born leader and it only seemed fitting to pass the baton permanently to her. So on August 29, 2014, I sold the company to Christa Kummerlowe, a very talented, competent co-worker and friend who has been with YOU salon for almost 10 years. You will still have the “family” feel YOU salon has always had because so many of the familiar faces are still there and will continue to be there to support her and continue to be the keepers of the culture that I strived so hard to protect.

I wish Christa and the team of YOU salon my love and best wishes for a bright and prosperous future! And I wish all of you who have supported YOU salon and been with me on my journey a BIG, HUGE thank you. Please continue to love YOU salon as much as I do and remember what makes YOU salon special is you!

Love and hugs,


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