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7 ways to Get What you Want from your Designer

iStock_000019096891XSmallWhether it is your first visit or your fiftieth with your Designer, a change can be nerve racking. What style do I want? Will it look good with my face shape? Will my hair texture work with that style? All of these are valid questions and we are here to offer you some tips on making your visit positive and result in a fabulous new style!

1. Think about what you want

Browse through stylebooks and magazines. Search Pinterest or Google. If you see something that appeals to you and share it with your designer. Keep in mind your hair’s natural texture and color and the shape of your face. Your designer will help you to find out exactly what it is that you like about that particular look. Sometimes it’s the shape, or the color of a highlight, or the overall look etc. Maybe you like part the shape of one look, the color of another and the highlight of a third. Your designer will help you to choose what will look best on you.

2. Express yourself

Talk to your stylist. Explain what you’re thinking. Describe yourself, your work, your lifestyle, how much time you have to spend on your hair, and the look you are after. All of these considerations help to choose  a look that you will love to style and love to look at for a long time!

3. Listen Carefully

Your Designer is trained to listen well and interpret what look you want vs. what will look and work for you. But be sure to ask questions. Your designer’s opinions about your vision and how to achieve it are important to reach your goals. If you are unclear or unsure of anything, just ask.




4. Disagreeing doesn’t mean being disagreeable

If you are unsure about something let your Designer know. They will take the time to explain anything you are unsure about until you understand and are comfortable before continuing.


5. Make a decision

Ask all the questions you like, including your stylist’s opinion. But the final choice is yours alone. You are the one who will be wearing the style until your next visit. You must make the final call.


6. Watch the hairstyle while it is happening

Watch how your designer styles your hair. Ask your stylist to explain the use of the styling products and the styling process to you. It’s important to understand how to maintain your look. It can be the key to whether you continue to like your look!


7. Give yourself a couple of days to like your hairstyle

Sometimes a change is hard to get use to. Give yourself 3-5 days to get used to your new look. If you are still not sure, call your designer and they will be happy to help you. Your stylist wants you to be happy and will want nothing more than to help. But don’t wait too long. As a look grows out the shape will change, by 4 weeks into a cut you probably need a completely new haircut. Give yourself a few days, but not a few weeks before you call.

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