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The FURfect Find

fur-funDisclaimer:  I rarely strut a fashion forward outfit, but every now and then, I hit a grand slam on the blue collared runway. My latest: a faux fur vest via Old Navy, $34.99, plus tax.

How it happened:  In the heat of post grocery shopping – I feverishly ran into Old Navy and without a moments hesitation I had thrown a slick, black, turtle neck and faux fur vest on the countertop, paying while praying my produce didn’t spoil in the mean time.

My Inspiration:  Aside from my unexplained magnetism and obsession with anything “fur,” the 2010, October Vogue. While my mother and sister so diligently read every page, I flip furociously (pun and spelling intended) through the magazine, pausing briefly, typically with a large gasp and sigh of disappointment that I have never and more than likely will never afford the Maison Martin Margiela wool pants listed at $1,075. It was with just such a demeanor that I became entranced and inspired by the abundant and blatant fur fraught advertisements throughout this recent issue of Vogue; in fact, if it were up to me, I would have titled it Fogue just this one time. No?

My favorite advertisement:  Roughly around page 37, a MICHAEL by Michael Kors long fur vest, layered over a wide-ribbed, cowl neck sweater – to die for.

From Piperlime to Oscar de la Renta, UGG to Nine West, shedding in every corner of this fantastic Vogue we have Fur, or “not so fur.” And after settling for a cropped faux fur vest, my sigh is of relief as the compliments pour in while sporting my latest purchase over a tight, black, turtle neck and thoughts of “go faux” rambling in my fuzzy mind!

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