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Hot Weather Hairstyles!

Everyone always wants to know what the new styles are for each season. This summer Long is IN and the Curls are SOFT.

Long Luscious Locks

istock_000000694824small_3-200x300This summer long is in. Everyone is growing out their layers. As the days of the Beckham bob are fading, fashionable guests are asking, “How do I get through this transitional period?” and “How do I grow my hair out and have a shape that looks like I have long hair?”

The first and most important step is to consult with your stylist. Ask them what shape works best for you and what will grow out with the most ease.

When growing your hair out it does tend to get a little boring, so spice it up with some new hair color. If you like your hair light, try adding a few more highlights, or you could make a major change and go for darker color. Another option is adding peek-a-boo highlights which tend to grow our nicely as your hair gets longer.

Keep in mind when you are growing your hair out that you need to have it in great shape. If you are getting color done regularly make sure you ask for an anti-fade and/or a protein rich treatment. The anti-fade will make your color last longer between visits. The protein will help keep the ends of your hair healthy. Having healthy ends has the added bonus of making your hair appear to be growing faster due to lack of breakage. Follow up with protein rich shampoo, conditioner and treatments at home to keep your hair in great condition all the time!

Getting a haircut every six to eight weeks isn’t a bad idea either as this will keep the split ends to a minimum. Also reshaping your hair as it grows out will help you look and feel better during those awkward stages that so often happen during the grow out process.

For more information ask your stylist what options will be best for your hair!

Soft Curls

upscale brunette in black dressSoft curls are the product of the long luscious hair that everyone wants this summer. Having long hair means that you tend to get bored with it so adding some beautiful curls is always fun.

To prevent from damaging your hair due to heat; be sure to always use a heat protectant blow-dry lotion. If you have color treated hair you should never set the curling iron higher than 375º, if your hair is bleached set the curling iron no higher than 250º, and if you have virgin (un-colored) hair do not set the curling iron higher than 410º.

So you have taken the above steps to help prevent damage, now you can begin curling. But how do you curl your hair? You want to set the curls so they curl away from your face. Take small sections and wrap the hair around the curling iron. Before clamping the iron onto your hair make certain the curling iron is moving slightly down the hair strand and then hold it in place. (the movement helps avoid creasing) Hold the curling iron on the section until you begin to feel the heat through the hair and then release it. When releasing; hold the iron vertical and gently unclamp the iron while pulling the iron downward. This will create spirals.

Is your curl not holding as well as you hoped? To help with holding the curl and to have it last longer throughout the day use a texturizing spray or straightening spray. (We use REDKEN fabricate or Iron Silk). To use the spray; spray lightly over your small section before you wrap your hair around the iron. (You may see steam; this is the product evaporating with the heat, not your hair)

Once you have curled your entire head you can leave them as they are or run your fingers through the curls to make them softer. When you have completed your sexy new curls be sure to use a hair spray that is humidity resistant to assist in keeping the curls longer. (We use REDKEN Workforce, Quickdry or Forceful).

Happy curling!!

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