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AHH! My hair turned green from the pool water! What do I do?

green-hair-solutionsIt’s that time of year when everyone spends their days basking in the sun and swimming in the pool. It’s the worst is when you had so much fun but you realize that your hair is steadily turning shades of green and you turn 10 shades of red out of frustration. Lucky for you there is an easy fix to your now spinach colored hair. Let’s first discuss ways to avoid having your hair turn green in the first place.

Chlorine and other minerals are the culprit when it comes to green colored hair. They like to seep into the cuticle of your hair and hang out there and eat away at your hair. A great way to keep this from happening is to wet your hair with shower water before entering the pool. What this does it saturates the cuticle of your hair with good clean water. Then there isn’t much room in your hairs’ cuticle for any of that nasty chlorine to hang out.  If you are an avid swimmer or you swim on a team it a good idea to use a swim cap to protect your hair since it will be exposed on a regular basis.

Now, to solve the problem of removing chlorine that is turning your hair green. Using a cleansing shampoo like REDKEN’s Hair Cleansing Cream  or Pureology’s Purify Shampoo immediately after you get out of the pool will help to remove the chlorine and minerals before they turn your hair green. If your hair is already green then continue to use the cleansing shampoo until all green residue is washed away. If after a few days you still have green hair then contact your salon for a REDKEN Pre Art in-salon treatment, this is like a penicillin shot for the hair to remove chlorine and other minerals.

Here are few other helpful tips:

  • Always wet your hair before swimming with regular tap water.
  • Even if you are using a swim cap, still wet your hair with tap water.
  • Use a swim cap if you are an avid swimmer or have very light-colored hair.
  • After swimming with or without a swim cap it is a good idea to use a cleansing shampoo that will remove the chlorine from your hair.
  • If you are still have difficulty then contact your stylist about getting an in-salon treatment to knock the chlorine out of your hair for good!
  • Even if you have dark-colored hair that does not turn green, the chlorine is still getting into your hair and damaging it from the inside out…so please follow the advice listed above.

Now that you know how to deal with chlorine you can enjoy your summer by the pool without worrying about your hair turning green. Happy swimming everyone!

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